Zoom Out

Zoom Out

I could beat the same drum as usual on this theme; look at the bigger picture, start with vision and strategy before rushing in to individual communications…

But actually, this is a dead simple design tip for when you’re creating church publicity.


Zoom out.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m designing something, I zoom all over the place. One second I’m zooming in to line up individual pixels. Next, I’m using cmd+0 to reset the view and to show the whole image (ctrl+0 if you’re not a Mac user, sorry!).

Obviously this is necessary, but it isn’t quite what I’m referring to. I make my best design decisions when I really zoom out.

Sometimes this means zooming so that the A1 poster I’m working on is the physical size of a business card on my screen. Or perhaps even a postage stamp. Honestly, sometimes it even happens when I hit save, close Photoshop and see the tiny thumbnail preview in the file folder.

Disciplines church poster sermon series design zoomed out - ChurchTrain


Here’s the point. Zooming out to this extent can give you a completely different perspective as a designer. You can see the overall balance of colours, and how elements sit with each other in your layout. So often I find things to tweak that I wouldn’t otherwise have noticed, and the design benefits hugely from them!

Perhaps just as importantly, zooming out highlights which elements stand out. By pushing the limits of legibility (title of my third album) you’ll soon be able to consider whether the bits that are most clear are the most appropriate. And this is pretty important – as we considered when thinking specifically about church poster design, your audience should be able to get the main message from the other side of the room. Don’t worry if they have to ‘zoom in’, taking a few steps to see the details. Just make sure they can see the big picture when they’re zoomed out.


Give it a go – see how zooming out can help you to improve your designs. Hint – if your software doesn’t let you zoom out far enough, you too might need to resort to the other side of the room!

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