Trips, Updates, Plugs and more!

Trips, Updates, Plugs and more!

Tomorrow I will be jetting off to America for just under a month. I’m very excited! 

This trip is something that Naomi and I have been planning since before we got married. We’ll be visiting a few different cities during our trip; we’d definitely appreciate your prayers for safe travels and that we would have a relaxing time away.


One of the downsides of being away: I’ll have to miss a couple of events where I’ve been approached to speak. I’m particularly disappointed to be missing this year’s Premier Digital Conference.

Premier Digital Conference - ChurchTrain

PremDAC promotion – featuring moi!

Let me take this opportunity to encourage you to make the trip, if you weren’t already planning to. It’s well worth it for the chance to hear from some great speakers and network with other church communicators from around the UK. Why not have a read of the guest post from Chipo Muwowo, reviewing last year’s Premier Digital event.

Website Feedback

Both Naomi and I have been very busy in the run-up to our trip – something I mentioned when writing about prioritising church communications recently. As well as finalising our Church Christmas Publicity, I’ve been working hard on Church Website Feedback, as part of last month’s giveaway.

I have in mind to write about some common themes that I encountered whilst reviewing a whole bunch of church websites at some point soon.

The feedback has been very well-received! So in the meantime, let me leave you with some words from Les at Plumtree Church. Plumtree were pleased to be one of the very first to receive a ChurchTrain Church Website Review!


We’ve finished the first phase of the Plumtree Church website reorganisation; this involved combining related sections, removing some sections that didn’t really work, and improving user navigation.

The changes were the result of a comprehensive website feedback report very kindly conducted by professional church communications consultant Joe Gallant. We’re extremely grateful to Joe for suggesting a wide range of improvements; all backed up with an explanation of how they would make the website more effective.

We’ll be introducing more of his proposals in the coming weeks!


The offer of receiving a church website report for free has now expired, but you can get in touch for details if you’re interested. The reports are completely custom to your church. They are very detailed and contain lots of potential improvements you can make, for the benefit of your website visitors!

There’s a strong possibility that I’ll do some writing whilst in the USA. But I’m also aware that this needs to be a time of relaxation for both of us; and a break from work. So we’ll see if I can resist!

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  1. Very much looking forward to the “common threads” you discovered in your websites review Joe (as well as getting into the comments yo made on ours). Enjoy the US – its a great place despite what they say … and speaking as one who has worked for US based organisations and offices for many years 🙂

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