Cover It In Prayer!

Cover It In Prayer!

A short thought on prayer and church publicity.

If you were to have a conversation with a friend, where you shared the gospel with them, I’d bet that’s not the last thought you gave them.

No, of course you would give it further thought – it would probably be on your mind all day!

At the very least, you’d follow up that conversation by praying for your friend, asking God to use your words to bring them to faith.

So why should our church communications be any different? Sure, the conversations might not feel quite as personal when they’ve not happened face to face, but the point of your publicity is the same: to talk to people. To communicate with them.

Your church’s promotional materials are aimed at inviting your audience towards further thought and conversation. You’re sowing seeds that you want to see grow in to relationships and, ultimately, to produce Kingdom fruit. It seems obvious that we should be praying for this!

So when you click ‘save’ on your church website, or when you send your latest flyer design to be printed, take a moment to pray that God blesses your communiqué, and that it will be used for His Kingdom. Pray that the right eyes see your poster. Pray that the text copy resonates with your readers. And pray that God works in the heart of your audience.

In the same vein, pray for your communicators. Pray that your staff or volunteers would be motivated in using their creative gifts for God. Ask Him to inspire them to come up with effective, attractive designs for your church. And pray too that your congregation would be keen to use the publicity that you produce, in their own evangelism and witness to those around them.

We may feel that our job is done when we finish a piece of church publicity – and to an extent it is out of our hands. But it’s not out of God’s, so remember to pray for the results you want to see from your communications!

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