Resourcing the Church – My Favourite Communications/Marketing Sites

Resourcing the Church – My Favourite Communications/Marketing Sites

Here’s my thinking – I want to equip churches and charities the best way I can for their communications endeavours. I’m no fool – much as I try, this site will always have its limits as a church communications resource; what better reason, therefore, to provide links to some of the other sites around that I’ve found helpful.

My hope is that this is a living post, that gains more church communications resources, and hopefully more value over time. The list is separated in to two sections, one with content aimed at churches/ministries and another with a wider audience, but still broadly marketing-focused.

To avoid the cliché of a list with a bunch of names and not a lot more, I’m also providing a hyperlink to one piece of content in particular that has stood out to me as useful, insightful or even just amusing. I say one, we’ll see how disciplined I am. Resources are listed in no particular order.

Here we go!

Church Related:

Church Marketing Sucks
Favourite post/content: Chasing Church excellence can drive you crazy
Close runner-up: Is marketing a dirty word
Site link:

Favourite post/content: Church Tech Snack Packs
Site link:

Favourite post/content: First Time Guest Gifts: 26 Lessons from 33 Churches
Site link:

Waiting Tables (Podcast)
Favourite content: Episode 5 featuring… ChurchTrain!
Site link:

Premier Digital Awards and Conference
Favourite post/content: 2015 Award Winners (Plug Alert)
Site link:

Favourite post/content: 5 Tips for Explaining the Importance of Communications to Your Church with Justin Dean
Site link:

Steve Fogg
Favourite post/content: How A Simple Photo Booth Supercharged My Social Media
Site link:

Favourite post/content: Twitter chat transcripts
Site link: Chsocm Twitter

Other marketing/communications:

Favourite post/content: The Time It Takes to Write a Buffer Blog Post (And How We Spend Every Minute)
Site link:

Favourite post/content: How to stand out from the crowd
Site link:

Favourite post/content: 3 Surprising Stages of Successful Landing Pages
Site link:

Audiense (formerly Socialbro)
Favourite post/content: The Science of Success on Twitter
Site link:

Favourite post/content: The Beginners guide to SEO
Site link:

Creative Market
Favourite post/content: How to Write The Perfect Creative Brief
Site link:

Alex Turnbull at Groove
Favourite post/content: How We Got 1,000+ Subscribers from a Single Blog Post in 24 Hours
Site link:

Favourite post/content: How to Create the Perfect 404 Page
Site link:

(The Social Media Genius of) Innocent smoothies
Favourite post/content: 99 problems
Site link:


Here are a few ministries I support or have been involved with.


Lansdowne Church


321 gospel

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! 🙂


    • Joe

      Not at all – thank you!

      We used the ideas from your photo booth post at Lansdowne Church last year, with brilliant results engagement-wise.

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