How to… build your site

How to… build your site

I while back I wrote on the various ways to get your church website online, and up to scratch – Is it OK to use a template for our church website?

Now, I stand by what I said there, and templates are a great way to go – a great way to get expertly built websites, ready for you to fill with content.

With this said, it’s as important as ever to make sure that your content is perfect – your website content is the first interaction many people with have with your church, perhaps even with Church in general. Add to this the difficulty of making content stand out in the age of content marketing and you’ve got a challenge on your hands.

But hey, let’s not be negative – there’s lots of help out there! One source that recently been brought to my attention is They’re all about helping you to get your site on the web, ready to be filled with the best content around – it’s a great first step!

One of their resources worthy of particular mention is the guide to setting up a CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress. This section takes you step by step through everything you need to know to set up your hosting, install WordPress, upload a theme and add content, plugins and users. There’s even instructions for other CMS products like Joomla and Drupal. Check it out now and let me know how you get on – I’ll be happy to help if it’s needed!


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